The Stanley Baldwin Statue Campaign - Official website

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SEBASTIAN LEWIS, Founder of the Stanley Baldwin Campaign

Sebastian Lewis is a 16 year old from Bewdley, whose letter to the Shuttle called 'Time for Baldwin Statue' has sparked political debate throughout the district.

CRAIG BATEMAN, Member of Worcestershire Youth Cabinet for Wyre Forest

We are delighted to be working with Craig Bateman, Member of Worcestershire Youth Cabinet who has commended Sebastian on his actions which have led to Sebastian to starting a petition.


Craig Bateman, MWYC said "even though locked in the jaws of political debate, I agree with Sebastian Lewis, and believe that we, as Wyre Forest citizens should take inspiration from local citizens who through hard work have achieved and became national figures, nonetheless Stanley Baldwin."


Craig Bateman, MWYC added "whenever Stanley Baldwin is spoken about I feel a great sense of pride knowing that where he was born is in fact not too far away from where I live today. I commend Sebastian whose actions have now led him to start a petition calling for better recognition or a statue of Stanley Baldwin. It is people like Sebastian that give me a great sense of pride in being a Wyre Forest citizen, and that in itself gives me real enthusiasm to continue my work as Member of Worcestershire Youth Cabinet for Wyre Forest." You can find more about Craig's work here